PIAD - The First. The Best.

Shortly after the formation of the company, Piel & Adey developed the tilting permanent mould casting method for copper and copper alloys. Through this innovation the company created a new branch of the industry. Over the last 120 years the company and its staff have gained more and more experience, which has driven PIAD to be the market leader in both quality and technology for permanent mould casting with copper and copper alloys.

The company’s knowledge about processes and alloys passed down from generation to generation is fundamental to the advantage we have over our global competitors, to ensure our customers always have the latest innovations and highest quality products from PIAD.

PIAD is the most diverse supplier and technological leader for permanent mould castings from customer drawings utilising copper based alloys, brasses and bronzes, all aspects of which we are passionate about. 

“Nothing has to stay the way it is, just because it always has been like it. There is always a need to look for better working methods to improve work and economic efficiency and to make it easier for workers, especially for the caster.”